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Manager's Pocket Guide to Motivating Employees

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Shawn Doyle

This practical guide concisely outlines the steps to creating and maintaining a fun, energized, and highly motivating work environment where employees want to work and stay. Motivation techniques are made simple and direct in this focused guide for managers and leaders.

Why do they call it 'work'? Because it is so often dull, uninspiring drudge that kills any motivation to succeed that an employee may have.

Now, with The Manager's Pocket Guide to Motivating Employees, you can create an environment that excites your employees, is fun and provides the stimuli necessary to motivate employees to perform at their best, every time. If you are a manager who wants to create a work environment where employees look forward to coming to work, you need to understand motivation and have the tools at hand to create and maintain that environment.

That is what The Manager's Pocket Guide to Motivating Employees does. It gives you the tools you need to hire motivated employees, show them how they fit into the big picture at your company, create enthusiasm within your group, understand what really motivates people and so much more.

Written by motivation expert Shawn Doyle, RCC, CTM, The Manager's Pocket Guide to Motivating Employees includes a comprehensive action plan so you are never at a loss for how to create and maintain an environment where employees can perform at their highest level of motivation.

Shawn Doyle, RCC, CTM has more than 17 years experience as a learning and development professional. Co-founder of a corporate university for a Fortune 100 company, Doyle has a passion for human development and believes in life-long learning. He is author of The Ten Foundations of Motivation.

  • Chapter 1: The Importance of Motivation
  • Chapter 2: Hiring and Keeping Motivated People
  • Chapter 3: Motivating Employees to Achieve the Organization's Goals
  • Chapter 4: The Importance of Enthusiasm for Motivation
  • Chapter 5: Performance Development as a Motivating Tool
  • Chapter 6: Coaching to Motivate
  • Chapter 7: What Really Motivates People
  • Chapter 8: Motivating with Rewards and Recognition
  • Chapter 9: The Importance of Balance in a Well-Motivated Workforce
  • Chapter 10: Putting it all Together (Action Planning)

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