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Negotiating Style Profile Participant Guide

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Rollin Glaser, EdD and Christine Glaser, MEd

Third Edition

Introduce the theory and practice of collaborative negotiation with the Negotiating Style Profile (NSP). Based on Ury and Fisher’s win-win model, the NSP offers a simple framework for determining one’s negotiating style and the likely effect of that style in a negotiating situation. Ultimately, participants will learn to focus on those skills and methods that are likely to produce synergistic outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand 5 styles of negotiating
  • Identify personal negotiating characteristics
  • Learn why a win-win approach is most effective
  • Gather peer feedback about one’s negotiating style


The Model of Negotiating Styles at the center of Negotiating Style Profile is based on relevant literature on negotiating practices, including Getting to Yes, by Roger Fisher and William Ury. These sources reveal that both concern for the outcome of the negotiation and concern for the relationship appear to represent the most important behaviors a negotiator can employ in an actual negotiation. Furthermore, it is clear that a negotiator cannot be effective in both the short and long terms if he or she emphasizes one set of concerns to the exclusion of the other.

Although variations of each of the 5 Characteristic Negotiating Styles (shown below) may be appropriate under certain conditions, it is suggested that a consistent application of the Collaborate style offers the greatest probability of producing the highest quality negotiating results and the most enduring satisfaction to the parties involved.

How It Works

Using the Participant Guide, individuals can create 2 profiles. The first profile is based on an assessment of their own preferences for one of 5 negotiating styles: Defeat, Withdraw, Accommodate, Compromise, or Collaborate. The optional second profile, based on scores compiled from the peer Feedback Form, provides additional insight, as many people who think they are collaborative learn that their associates may disagree.
Uses for NSP

The Negotiating Style Profile is appropriate for anyone involved in negotiations. It is flexible enough to be used as a stand-alone instrument or as a component in a larger negotiating, communication, or leadership program.

Negotiating Style Profile is a starting point — and probably most effectively administered, scored, and interpreted before any formal negotiation skills training begins. Once individuals are aware of their own negotiating style, they can learn to negotiate effectively by acquiring good negotiating skills.

For more advanced negotiators who are familiar with the win-win model in NSP, see Dealing with Tough Negotiators.

What to Order:

Order 1 Facilitator Guide per trainer. For each participant, order 1 Participant Guide and at least 3 Feedback Forms.

   Participant Guide includes:

  • 30-item assessment
  • Pressure-sensitive response form
  • Interpretive information
  • The Model of Negotiating Styles
  • Characteristics of the 5 styles
  • Action planning


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