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What's My Communication Style? 4TH Edition E-Assessment

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The Online Assessment is delivered through the HRDQ Online Assessment Center. Participants receive online instructions for completing the 24 statement assessment. Scores are automatically calculated and then presented, along with interpretive information, in a personalized report that is generated upon completion of the assessment. The Online Assessment is available with and without the Online Course.

The HRDQ Style Suite of assessments, classes and learning tools provide personal and team development learning experiences that bring about meaningful improvements in your organization. Based upon the work of William M. Marston, and often referred to as DISC, the HRDQ Style Model provides a simple and powerful model that learners can apply to how they communicate, lead others, manage time, learn, coach and sell. With the Style Suite you can effect a profound impact on the lives of individuals and teams in your organization.

Communication skills are critical if your organization is going to thrive, particularly during challenging times. You can dramatically improve communication skills by building a better understanding of personal styles and their effects on others. What's My Communication Style is a proven process that identifies an individual's dominant communication style and the communication behaviors that distinguish it, then helps individuals learn to flex their style with colleagues.

The What's My Communication Style Fourth Edition program includes an online/print assessment, online course, and classroom course and workbook.

Introducing What’s My Communication Style

What's My Communication Style provides employees at all levels insight into their everyday communication with others. This assessment is appropriate for anyone who wants or needs to discover more about themselves and their communication preferences. Individuals identify their preference for one of four communication styles using a 24-item assessment. The instructor-led program then helps participants understand the various forms of communication and learn how to "flex" their own personal style to improve communication.

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any organization. It goes without saying that excellent communication is important in the workplace. Team members need to work together and communicate effectively in order to meet goals and provide value to the organization.

Yet, workplace conflict remains a constant obstacle. More often than not, a clash in personality is to blame. This is because it directly impacts the way we share and interpret messages. Without an awareness of communication style, we’re susceptible to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Based upon the work of William M. Marston, What's My Communication Style profoundly improves one's interactions and relationships with others. Learners take the assessment (either online or in print) through which they identify their preference for one of four communication styles. Learners then review a detailed interpretation of results where they explore their style's inherent traits, strengths, and opportunities for growth. With the virtual or onsite instructor-led program, or self-paced online learning course, learners discover how to adapt behavioral patterns in order to work more collaboratively with others. If you are familiar with the DISC-based assessments, you will find What's My Communication Style is a more practical and easy-to-facilitate alternative. QuickStart Train-the-Trainer is available to help you successfully launch your style training. Certification is not required.

What's My Communication Style starts with a self-assessment that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Individuals are presented with 24 different statements and are asked to select the response that best represents the way they communicate. There are four response options to each statement, and each response measures one of the four personal communication styles: direct, spirited, considerate, and systematic. Learners are then presented with a profile, detailing their total score for each style.

The majority of individuals will show a clear preference for one of the communication styles; this is identified as their dominant style. The assessment is followed by an approximately four-hour onsite training program where participants reflect on their results through group discussion and application activities and a develop an action plan for using their newfound knowledge to improve their communication skills post-workshop. The What's My Communication Style Facilitator Guide also provides an alternative workshop outline that reduces What's My Communication Style into a 1.5-hour onsite training program.

What's My Communication Style is appropriate for use with all organizational levels from front line staff to senior management. The assessment can be used as a standalone development tool, or it can be used with the included training program on communication skills. This assessment is an effective tool for identifying others’ communication preferences and learning how to flex your own style in order to improve collaboration. It can be useful for training in a variety of soft skill training topics, including:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Supervisory skills
  • Conflict resolution

Start training your learners with personality style and a focus on communication – the most critical people skill.



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